About Us

Run to the Farm is a family that takes the raw honey from the hive and makes Farm Fresh Skincare. After my middle son Dalton decided to become a beekeeper at the age of nine it was not long after when we started playing with honey and other natural ingredients. We took lots of different classes to help learn the best of the best ingredients without out using the toxic parabens. Then my oldest son Dustin started making jewelry from the deer antlers that he hunts during the winter. We also created a line of apparel. We are still very small and growing. We are in a few different stores thought out Georgia. Each of us have our own unique part of our family business. December 2016 we were blessed to have been in the Albany Living Magazine. Keisha Cory interviewed me and created this artical below in this link. She did a great job putting all of my thoughts together. David Parks Photography did our photo shoot and it was wonderful working with him. We are forever thankful for The Albany Magazine and their staff! We had no idea that we made the cover of the magazine until the day they were published. What a blessing they have been in our growing business. https://withyouinmindpublications.com/albany/winter-2016/